Kwiksms info

Concatenated SMS'

Simply put it allows you send multiple SMS' as one message, much like you would do on your cellphones these days. There is however a max of 440 characters which is equal to 3 sms'.

Reply SMS' delivered to your email inbox

Kwiksms allows users to respond to your outbound SMS'. You can view the users response in the Kwiksms console and you can also filter responses by date, cell, group & keyword. Kwiksms however goes one step further and allows you to specify an email address for the messages to get forwarded to, so you don't have to even be logged in to see users responses.

Personalise your SMS

The system has the option to add the recipient's name to each outgoing SMS. It's as easy as checking or un-checking the option box to personalise SMS'.

Purchased SMS never expire

As long as your account is active any messages you have on the system will remain yours & you can use them whenever you want to. Easily purchase SMS credits either with EFT payments or Credit Card payments. A full payment history is available on the system.

SMS costs (South Africa only)

250 Bulk SMS Bundle: R0.30c exVAT per SMS - (R75.00 exVAT)

500 Bulk SMS Bundle: R0.29c exVAT per SMS - (R145.00 exVAT)

1000 Bulk SMS Bundle: R0.28c exVAT per SMS - (R280.00 exVAT)

5000 Bulk SMS Bundle: R0.26c exVAT per SMS - (R1,300.00 exVAT)

10000 Bulk SMS Bundle: R0.24c exVAT per SMS - (R2,400.00 exVAT)

25000 Bulk SMS Bundle: R0.22c exVAT per SMS - (R5,500.00 exVAT)

50000 Bulk SMS Bundle: R0.20c exVAT per SMS - (R10,000.00 exVAT)

100000 Bulk SMS Bundle: R0.19c exVAT per SMS - (R19,000.00 exVAT)

250000 Bulk SMS Bundle: R0.18c exVAT per SMS - (R45,000.00 exVAT)

Cloud based application

Requires NO Software Installation, the software is browser based. You can access your info from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Upgrading of Software is FREE and ongoing, which means you will always have the latest technology at your fingertips. Bulk SMS Software Copyright © 2016

Secure Vodacom MTN Cell C 8.ta

Kwiksms is an Afridesign Application