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Kwiksms was built with this premiss in mind, "We can do a better job than our competitors".

So we decided to build our own custom piece of Bulk SMS software from the ground up. We built it with the end user in mind... what do they really need, not what we think is cool, but what do they need?

We started by removing the clutter, we looked at the user journey, and tried to simplify that. We looked at what tools they needed, and then built them to be as simple as possible. It is insanely difficult to make things simple, but we think we have done so.

We have had many years experience building tech for our clients... and we are pretty darn good at it. It is a challenge building something for your client but it is a hell of a lot better building something for yourself, and that is what I think make this product special - it is 100% us!

So who is behind Kwiksms?

Kwiksms is an Afridesign Application.

Afridesign is a technology company that has built hundreds of online applications, and has for many years been involved in mobile marketing. Kwiksms is a culmination of years of experience to bring you a Bulk SMS tool that is simple to use and that does the job extremely well.

Some of our Bulk SMS Clients has been involved with a number of large to medium enterprises over the years and 1000's of end users. We have deployed a number of custom SMS applications and many have used our SMS tools.

  • Dettol Bulk SMS Client
  • GJ Gardener Bulk SMS Client
  • MasterCard Bulk SMS Client
  • Nestle Bulk SMS Client
  • Phillips Bulk SMS Client
  • The Firm Bulk SMS Client
  • American Express Bulk SMS Client
  • Evian Bulk SMS Client
  • Westgate Bulk SMS Client
  • Pam Golding Properties Bulk SMS Client Bulk SMS Software Copyright © 2016

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Kwiksms is an Afridesign Application